Cargo Insurance

Freight shipping is accompanied by risks associated with possible damage due to violations of storage conditions, or theft of goods. Coverage serves as a guarantor of safety. It provides protection in case of damage, loss or loss in the midst of fright carrying, including up/unloading.

Service-Express Ltd offers cargo insurance for the duration of fright carrying, as well as organization of surveyor control. We guarantee compensation in case of an insured event. We shall defend the interests of our clients in case of disputable situations.

What insurance covers

Freight coverage covers the following risks:

  • goods loss due to a missing truck;
  • damage, partial or total loss and destruction of cargo for any reason in the midst of all the route;
  • costs of ascertaining, reducing the amount of loss;
  • general accident premiums and expenses.

What is impossible to insure

We do not accept for coverage:

  1. Items endangering the health, life of others, posing a danger to other goods;
  2. Coins, cheques, banknotes, securities;
  3. Pneumatic, gas, firearms;
  4. Narcotics, psychotropic substances;
  5. Precious stones, metals;
  6. Pieces of art.

Cost of cargo insurance

To find out the exact price please fill in the form on our website or contact our manager by phone. The cost depends on such factors as:

  • Type of cargo;
  • Region and distance of fright carrying;
  • Vehicle type;
  • Type of packaging;
  • Method and accompaniment of fright carrying;
  • Peculiarities up/unloading, storage of frights.

Pros of Service-Express Ltd

Service-Express Ltd has a high status in the field of cargo freight carrying. Over time, we have developed a clear strategy for interaction with customers. We work with leading foreign and Russian coverage companies. Our activity is official – our number in the register of Customs Representatives – 1231.

  • a wide range of coverage solutions;
  • operative registration of the policy;
  • streamlined algorithm of conversation with customs posts thanks to a staff of experienced professionals;
  • optimal rates;
  • reliability, confidence in the protection of goods against risks;
  • coverage from the place of departure to the point of arrival.

We provide insurance for any mode of freight carrying: road, air, sea, rail, as well as mixed carrying. For consultations leave the request on the site or call us by phone. Our managers will help you to choose the option of coverage, calculate policy price and execute it.

If the cargo is damaged in the midst of freight carrying, by presenting a policy and bill of lading to the coverage company, you will receive compensation for damage in full.