International Air Freight Forwarding

International air freight forwarding is the delivery between countries and within the same state using an aircraft. It is the fastest way to deliver an order (from 12 to 24 hours).

The group of companies Service-Express Ltd has been cooperating with the leading shipping carriers since 1998 and has proven itself to be good in this service sector. Our service applies to standard, oversized, heavy and bulky goods.

The undoubted advantage of air freight is the efficiency of delivery, which is very important when transporting perishable products, spare and consumables parts, essential goods, medicines for uninterrupted operation of production facilities.

It is difficult to imagine the modern world of logistics to be limited in terms of air traffic between the states.

Air transportation allows you to deliver cargo as quickly as possible and regulate the process of foreign economic activity with the help of the partners from different countries. It is believed that this is the most convenient way to transport small lots of goods in the shortest possible time. Both passenger and cargo aircrafts are involved in its implementation.  Of course, this option becomes the most relevant when speed is a priority. Air freight cost can be optimized if you do not mess about the logistics management.

Stages of international air freight forwarding

Transportation of spare parts, essential goods, consumables and valuable products requires efficiency and minimal loading and unloading operations.

The stages of international air freight include:

  1. Cargo pick up from the sender;
  2. Customs processing taking into account export requirements, peculiarities of a particular supplying country;
  3. Order preparation at the departure airport terminal;
  4. Paperwork for import or export customs processing;
  5. Inspection of goods at the terminal of the destination airport;
  6. Delivery to the warehouse of the transport company or directly to the end customer, according to the selected type of service.

Service-Express Ltd delivers orders to many countries of the world, including Europe, Asia, CIS countries. Our customs lawyers and logistics specialist know the specifics of the law and documentation of various countries.

Cost and terms of air freight forwarding

It is very important to calculate the weight and dimensions of the shipped cargo correctly and as accurately as possible. Properly packed goods occupy minimum space in the luggage compartment of the aircraft, and as a result their transportation is cheaper. To calculate the final rate, a larger value of the volume or actual weight is used.

Volume weight (kg) = length (cm) x width (cm) x height (cm) / coefficient 6000

The service cost also depends on the shelf life of the products, additional taxes of the countries of the primary and final points of the route. The minimum period of international delivery is 24 hours.

To specify the full cost of services, you can contact our managers by phone or fill out an online form on our company’s website.

Geography of air freight performed by Service-Express Ltd

We use cargo and passenger planes for international air freight. Therefore, we accept both large-sized and small lots of goods for delivery.

Popular destinations for customers: Asia, Europe, North America, China.

Cargo acceptance and dispatch terminals – Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, Pulkovo.

Advantages of our company

The group of companies Service-Express Ltd has been working in this field since 1998. The number in the register of Customs Representatives is 1231.

If you order the services from our company, you will receive documents issued in full compliance with the requirements of the laws of the Russian Federation.

  • Air freight is the fastest way to deliver cargo.
  • Assistance in packing the customer’s cargo, including oversized and non-standard ones.
  • Processing of import and export customs documentation.
  • Conclusion of direct contracts for transportation with airlines. There will be no overpayments to third-party intermediary companies.
  • Safe, reliable transportation to anywhere in the world.
  • No restrictions in dimensions, volumes of products.