Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding is a set of measures that includes cargo escorting throughout the entire route from the point of departure to the point of destination, ensuring safe transportation and delivery in time. The group of companies Service-Express Ltd provides a full range of services in the field of domestic and international freight forwarding.

Modern business sets priorities in such a way that in the work the following aspects are emphasized: the speed of servicing the client’s interests, the possibility of optimal selection of the line, prompt delivery of customs cleared cargo not only to the metropolitan regions, but also beyond them. We are happy to use our accumulated experience and provide you with proper service.

What services are provided by our company

By itself, the concept of forwarding prescribes interaction with several categories:

  1. With the consignee and with the sea cargo carrier (its agents);
  2. With seaport terminals
  3. With state regulatory authorities;
  4. With transport companies for the export of goods to warehouses.

The group of companies Service-Express Ltd provides:

  • forwarding services, consisting of preparation for shipment, loading of goods, transshipment from one transport mode to another, placement and storage in a warehouse;
  • forwarding services at port terminals and warehouses for temporary storage;
  • control of loading and unloading operations;
  • organization of customs, phytosanitary, veterinary inspection;
  • transshipment, weighing goods;
  • cargo inspection;
  • cargo paperwork;
  • import and export of containers to and from the port;
  • arranging of cargo storage on the territory of the port: it can be free and paid and depends on the terms provided by the terminal;
  • registration of permits for the export of goods from container terminals;
  • assistance in obtaining documents at seaports and feeder lines.

Our work with documentation and line agents includes checking, receiving, transferring bills of lading to the line, tracking goods in transit, monitoring the date of arrival at the port, preparing and checking quarantine, sanitary certificates for customs clearance. This also includes contract execution with ocean and feeder lines, as well as the transfer of documents to a customs representative for customs procedures.

Stages of forwarding

High-quality forwarding provided by Service-Express Ltd at the port terminals in St. Petersburg, Vladivostok and Novorossiysk is:

  • approval of a suitable terminal, taking into account such criteria as:
  • cargo type (normal, hazardous, requiring temperature maintenance, oversized, joint cargo);
  • availability of a complete set of documents for the declaration of goods at the moment of vessel unloading at the port;
  • terms of customs processing;
  • volume of the lot under B/L;
  • types and features of transport for further export.
  • organization of storage.

Storage at the terminal can be either free or paid, depending on the terms provided by the terminal. It is important that the forwarder knows the situation, the rates and understands how the amount of expenses is formed and how it can be optimized

  • participation in inspections, weighing, procurement of permits.

The Service-Express Ltd freight forwarder represents the interests of the consignee during unloading and weighing, during cargo inspections. We take samples of goods for various analyses, tests, perform the necessary terminal operations, both at the request of regulatory authorities and at the request of the customer.

Our duties as a freight forwarder include interaction with state regulatory authorities, namely: customs, quarantine, sanitary and epidemiological services.

  • survey service.

At the request of the customer, we invite an independent expert authorized to inspect cargo, containers, tare/packaging, vehicles. The results of the surveyor’s work are a report on the extent of damage, quality, quantity of damaged cargo, and the causes of their occurrence.

  • cargo insurance at the expense and in favor of the client.
  • organization and export of customs cleared goods – a multi-stage process that includes:
  • search for transport, coordination of delivery terms with carriers;
  • document posting in the warehouse, registration of authorization for shipment;
  • payment of terminal and port expenses at the expense and in favor of the client;
  • registration in the information systems of the terminals of visits for the entrance of vehicles at the port for loading;
  • control over the return of empty equipment to the line fleet.

Having its own fleet of container carriers and using them when removing containers from the port, Service-Express Ltd saves your time and finances.

Freight forwarding cost

Fill out the form on the website and find out the exact price of services for the registration of cargo imports or contact the manager by phone.

Advantages of Service-Express Ltd

The group of companies Service-Express Ltd creates all conditions for high-quality forwarding of goods at customs terminals. Since 1998, we have developed a clear strategy that allows us to serve the interests of the client in the shortest time:

  • solve any organizational issues related to paperwork, loading, storage, delivery of goods
  • provide uninterrupted logistics and cargo safety
  • provide free consultation
  • plan optimal routes, choose vehicles to reduce the cost of transportation
  • carry out customs forwarding with the registration of the necessary papers
  • guarantee high quality services, complete security and confidentiality

If you entrust the shipment of goods to our company, you will save time connected with customs and transport paperwork, reduce transportation costs.