Customs Clearance

Any cargo movement over the state borders involves customs clearance. This process is complex and multilevel. In addition to supply documents preparation to declare the goods and pay customs duties, a participant of foreign economic activities should solve at least a number of issues:

  • delivery method development;
  • registration at the customs terminal;
  • declaration processing;
  • calculation of customs charges, their optimization.

We perform

  • classification of the goods in accordance with the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System (HS code);
  • preliminary calculation of customs charges;
  • optimization of customs charges in accordance with the regulatory documents of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation;
  • preparation and verification of documents;
  • clearance at the temporary storage warehouse for temporary storage and at the port;
  • support of import, export and re-export cargo;
  • execution of internal customs transit cargo;
  • combined cargo clearance, express cargo clearance;
  • legal representation and client advocacy in the customs authorities;
  • customs value adjustment dispute;
  • client advice on legal, financial issues, paperwork.

We provide customs services for the declaration of combined, large, oversized cargo, as well as for goods falling under the category of “hazardous”.

Our employees assist clients to acquire documents in the field of non-tariff regulation of foreign economic activity: declarations and certificates of conformity, phytosanitary certificates, import authorization and other documents necessary for the official registration of the goods.

The geography of our activity assumes professional customs clearance of any cargo at the customs offices of the Russian Federation:

  • North-Western Customs Administration: Baltic Customs, Excise Authority, St. Petersburg Customs, Pulkovo Customs.
  • Central Customs Administration: Moscow Regional Customs, Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo.
  • Far-Eastern Customs Administration: Vladivostok, Nakhodka.
  • Southern Customs Administration: Novorossiysk.

Service-Express Ltd is engaged in the support of shipments from the Baltic States, Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, India, China, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and other South-Eastern Asian countries.

The cost of customs clearance services

You can order both a comprehensive customs clearance service and individual services (declaration, charges calculation, document verification).

  • Advice is free of charge.
  • Registration at a customs office is free of charge.
  • The cost of preliminary verification of documentation for submission to regulatory authorities starts from 1,500 Russian rubles.
  • Calculation of customs charges from 1,000 Russian rubles.
  • Declaration submission, support and release from 5,000 Russian rubles.

The price can be calculated by ordering a callback from our managers. We will find and choose the best cooperation strategy.

Advantages of Service-Express Ltd

According to the Legislation of the Russian Federation, only an official customs representative is fully legally responsible to the client and the customs authorities for the operations performed.

We have been working with customs clearance of the good, since 1998, we help our clients to avoid time and financial losses when interacting with customs:

  • well-established algorithm of the dialogue with customs terminal thanks to the staff of experienced employees;
  • maximum reduction of the period of customs procedures: the average issue time is 4 hours after submission of the declaration;
  • participation in additional control procedures launched by the customs authorities during the declaration processing;
  • individual approach to the client;
  • complete confidentiality, reliability, company guarantees;
  • flexible pricing policy;
  • work with complex cargo;
  • work with large shipments;
  • work with excisable goods.

Your reliable partner

We will help you to save money and time in compliance with the terms of the legislation. We are ready to provide any assistance in customs support to all the companies that are engaged in foreign economic activity. For an advice, contact our specialists.