Multimodal freights

Mixed or conveying of goods under one contract differs from other types of transport: sea, road, air, rail – in any of their combinations, depending on the remoteness of the endpoints and the customer’s requirements in terms of time.

The pros of this type of conveying include wide geographic coverage and cost reduction, which occurs due to the selection and combination of all modes of transport.

What Does Multimodal Transportation Service Include?

Service-Express Ltd provides services in organization and support of goods conveying under one contract of all types. We offer:

  • consultation on registration, development of a plan, taking into account all requirements and the possibility of their implementation;
  • preparation of a full cost estimate for the services, including logistics schemes, timing of arrival at the end point, the calculation of the cost of all related work;
  • weighing, marking;
  • preparation of shipping documentation;
  • preparation and checking of customs documents for each shipment of the customer’s goods;
  • tracking of conveying;
  • delivery to their warehouses or to the address of the consignee.

Types and Methods of Conveying

We use the following types of multimodal transportation but performed by at least two modes of conveying for a given route, combining them with each other:

  1. Dimensional (consolidated). Cargo, none of whose parts do not go beyond the dimensions of the equipment after its placement on the open rolling stock, in a truck or container with an open top;
  2. Conveying is performed using containers;
  3. Order is carried by 2 or more types of transport, with cargoes of different shapes and packages;
  4. Conveying of large, oversized goods of non-standard shapes (equipment, special equipment, structures, containers, vessels, boats).

Conveying methods used by our company:

  • Railway transport. Suitable for all types of goods (dimensional, oversized, containerized, mixed). From the port terminal or railway station to the customer’s warehouse we use “MAN” tractors conforming to Euro-5 standard;
  • Truck delivery which is performed by whole or small tonnage trucks from/to EU, China, CIS countries;
  • Air transport. The fastest way to ship mixed loads within a single continent or country;
  • Sea conveyance involving containerized equipment. Common when sending goods over long distances. Sea route is available if there is a single waterway between the recipient and the sender.

The Cost of Multimodal Conveying

The final cost depends on the type of goods being delivered, the distance, and the time allowed.

To find out the exact price, you can contact the managers of Service-Express Ltd by phone or fill out an online form on our company’s website.

Pros of Service-Express Ltd

  • Comprehensive service, including customs clearance and freight forwarding;
  • Own fleet of MAN truck tractors;
  • Openness, reliability;
  • Insurance, contractual carriage guarantee.

The number in the register of Customs Representatives – 1231.

Contact Service-Express – we offer guarantees of prompt calculation of the total cost of services for all types of cargo at any distance.

Multimodal conveying is most often necessary when you need to deliver goods from some distant country or from another continent.