List of documents required for customs support of participants in foreign trade activities, having experience in customs clearance, but for the first time cooperating with us


  1. Certificate of state registration.
  2. A letter from the State Statistics Committee of Russia.
  3. Certificate of registration in MIFNS.
  4. Certificate of entry in the USRLE after the state registration.
  5. Help from the bank about opening accounts.


  1. A copy of the transaction passport.
  2. Copy of the contract with all additional agreements, attachments and specifications.
  3. Invoices (you can copy).
  4. Certificate of origin in the relevant form (if the goods are classified as preferential, then the original must be provided).
  5. Packing sheets (you can copy).
  6. If the goods are subject to the application of non-tariff control measures, then the submission of compliance documents (certificate / declaration / conclusion).
  7. Copies of account statement and application for transfer, if there was an advance payment.
  8. A copy of the export declaration.
  9. When preparing the relevant goods, the provision of a veterinary certificate or phytosanitary certificate of the importing country is original.
  10. Copies of payment orders for payment of customs duties, taxes and fees.
  11. A letter about non-insurance if the goods were not insured on the way from the seller to the customs terminal of the buyer’s country, and if insured – then the insurance policy.
  12. Contract and account for the provision of transportation services, if the delivery is carried out on the terms of Incoterms 2010, involving the payment of the main carriage by the buyer.
    Confirmation of payment of the invoice – according to the conditions prescribed in the contract.
  13. Technical documentation