List of documents required for placing goods under the regime “Issue for domestic consumption” at Pulkovo Customs

  1. Help from the statistics about the code of OKPO of your company (certified copy).
  2. Certificate of OGRN code (13 characters) for entry in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (certified copy).
  3. Certificate of opening of accounts, B / accounts of your company (certified copy).
  4. Certificate from the tax inspection with the TIN code (a copy certified by the organization).
  5. Contract (if the contract is concluded in a foreign language, then a translation of the contract is required) and a copy of the contract certified by the seal of the organization.
  6. The passport of the import transaction (the copy certified by the organization).
  7. Invoice (invoice) and transfer.
  8. The contract with CJSC “Balt-Express-Service” for the right to register cargo at the customs.
  9. If necessary, a safety certificate and other permits.
  10. Additional documents: technical description, passport.
  11. Payment documents on payment of customs payments, duties, VAT, confirming the transfer of funds to the account of Pulkovo Customs (Originals). If payment is made for another organization, then in the purpose of payment it is indicated for which exactly, with indication of its TIN and OKPO.
  12. A letter on the release of the cargo addressed to the head of the Pulkovo Customs, containing information about the cargo:
  • The transport document number (AWB, CMR);
  • Provider;
  • Contract No.;
  • Nature of the transaction;
  • Delivery conditions;
  • Transaction passport;
  • Description of cargo;
  • HS codes;