List of documents required for placing goods under the regime of “Temporary export”

  1. A reference from the statistics about the code of OKPO of your enterprise (a copy of the organization certified by the organization).
  2. Certificate of OGRN code (13 characters) on entry in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (certified copy by the organization).
  3. Certificate of opening of R / accounts, B / accounts of your company (a copy of the organization certified by the organization).
  4. Certificate from the tax inspection with the TIN code (a copy certified by the organization).
  5. Reason for exportation (agreement, contract, order, invitation, etc.) If the document is drawn up in a foreign language, then an original licensed translation is required
  6. Or a copy of this document certified by the organization’s seal.
  7. Invoice (invoice) (for customs) -3 copies in English and transfer-2 copies. (When sending cargo to the CIS all copies – in Russian).
  8. The contract with CJSC “Balt-Express-Service” for the right to register cargo at the customs.
  9. If necessary Conclusion “Exporter” (for goods “double use”) and other permits.
  10. Payment documents on payment of customs payments (procedures, fees), confirming the transfer of funds to the account of customs (Originals). If payment is made for another organization, then in the purpose of payment it is indicated for which exactly, with indication of its TIN and OKPO.
  11. Application for the timing of temporary export of goods to the head of the customs. The application must be signed at the customs office about a week before the expected time of shipment.
  12. Warranty obligation to return to the name of the customs chief. It is signed together with the Application.

Temporary export mode is allowed only under condition of 100% identification of the exported / imported goods (presence of indelible marking on the product (factory, serial numbers, etc.) and photographing of all goods sent.